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Construction commences on festival project in Horsens

Our project is under construction with the help of volunteers and lovely weather!

NEAR. design for DISPLAY festival at Horsens Fængslet

Have you ever experienced a contemporary music and art festival set amongst “mountains and valleys”, where you could enjoying the music with your friends and your beer inside a timber hut at the peak? Now you can at DISPLAY Festival on 15th August in Horsens Fængslet! The backyard of this old prison will be transformed into festival grounds and undulating landscape, offering unobstructed seating from 3 “mountains” and cozy timber huts. proposes new kindergarten in china

We made a proposal for a new kindergarten for the new city of Molewa near Ruichang, China. The 4,800-m2 complex was part of a Master Plan consisting of 17 other plots to create a new sustainable city of Molewa, which also houses the world’s largest flower park.

The kindergarten project includes a large elevated landscape and integrated learning facilities covering a total of 4,000 m2, to serve 400 kids and staff members. The idea is to break down the huge scale into “3 learning villages” that are self-sufficient, connected by a lowered playing area.

Inspired by H.C. Andersen’s adventurous story of Thumbelina living under the mushrooms, dancing from petal to petal; the kindergarten seeks to express itself cozy and small in scale, allowing the children to feel safe and adventurous in an environment exploring the space; creating an exciting place to learn and play.

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NEAR. PARTNERS WITH DISPLAY IN HORSENS MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL 2015 is now collaborating with DISPLAY to create a whole new experience for the DISPLAY Music and Art Festival at Horsens Fængslet 2015. The initial concept features 3 ‘mountains’ spread across the old prison courtyard, providing dynamic interactive potential for the guests, and a better view to the stage. Stay tuned for the biggest summer event in Horsens, Jylland!